Tenants looking To Rent in SW London

Lets Find A Home covers a large part of SW London including Wandsworth, Tooting, Balham, Putney, Southfields, Earlsfied, Wimbledon, Clapham Junction & Battersea. For any tenant thinking of renting in these locations we can help you every step of the way.

Professional Service

When you rent a property through Lets Find A Home you will benefit from our extensive knowledge and years of experience renting out properties since we were established back in 2004.

Lets Find A Home will provide a stress-free service, from the application stage and paying a deposit, to moving in and paying rent. Our friendly team is always available to offer advice or help with any problems you may have during your tenancy.

Please read the information below to familiarise yourselves with the process and to give you a taste of how we can ably assist you in providing a seamless service from start to finish.

This information covers the following:

  1. Applying for a tenancy

    When you make an offer you have seen through Lets Find A Home you will need to confirm this in writing via email. The offer must include full names, occupation(s) when you are looking to move, along with any requests you have and lastly, but by no means least the offer you would like to put forward. No money is exchanged until your offer is put forward to the landlord for their consideration. And only upon successful acceptance of your offer by the landlord will we take a holding deposit.

    The Holding Deposit is equivalent to one week’s rent. This payment will allow us to get the ball rolling and send you a link by email so you can complete the references online. Please note that the holding deposit at this stage is subject to references and contract. Once you have paid one weeks holding deposit, we will take the property off the market.

    You will be asked by the reference agency for your employers details, previous landlord details and in some cases bank statements if you are self-employed and /or accountant details, one form of Photo Identification (Passport or Driving License only) and proof of residency if you are a foreign national e.g. a residence permit or visa. As well as photo ID they also require proof of address, i.e. a utility bill or council tax bill in your name at the given address. A UK driving license does provide both photo ID and proof of address, provided the address shown and that given by you are the same. Companies are required to provide proof of Identity of the Director or Authorised Signatory, as well as proof of directorship or proof of authority to sign. Verification of identity in person will also be required at the time the tenancy commences.

    In the event that the referencing company reports your references as being unsuitable, or you withdraw your application, or take an unreasonable amount of time to provide us with any information required to progress the tenancy, the deposit will be forfeited in order to cover costs including: references, re-advertising the property, monies in lieu of rent owing to the property being reserved and unavailable to other potential tenants, preparing documents associated with the tenancy etc. if the references and credit checks come back with a pass. We can then press on with drawing up the tenancy agreement.

    Please note that the Right to rent checks (to comply with Immigration Act requirements) require us to see copies/passports before a tenancy commences. The holding deposit is deducted from the first month’s rent when the tenancy commences; you must also pay 5 weeks security deposit along with the first month’s rent.

  2. During Tenancy

    After the first months rent you will be required to set up a BANK STANDING ORDER to pay the rent no later than the due date each month. In the event of the payment not being made on time, or being withdrawn, this could result in a record of late payment which could adversely affect this and future tenancies. We will also arrange for the SECURITY DEPOSIT to be registered within 30 days of you moving into the property.

    Once moving into the property, you will normally be given a copy of an inventory/schedule of condition relating to your property. This should be checked thoroughly and notes made regarding any additional damage, marks or inaccuracies, which should be reported to us within 48 hours. Read any notes which the Landlord would have left. Read any instructions left and make sure you know how to operate appliances safely and efficiently.

    SERVICES (Unless otherwise agreed,) - gas, electricity, water, telephone charges etc, are YOUR responsibility as well as any transfer or reconnection charges, deposits etc. You are also responsible for payment of the COUNCIL TAX and it’s your responsibility to contact the relevant companies to take over the services – unless otherwise requested – as we will do this on your behalf if we manage the property. You will also have to inform utility companies at the end of the tenancy so they can close your accounts. As well as the local authority for your COUNCIL TAX

    KEYS / LOCKS/ ALARMS: Unless it’s an emergency, locks should not be changed or installed at the property without permission and if granted, the Agent/ Landlord must be provided with new sets of keys immediately. Any alarm code should not be changed without permission and if granted, details of the new code given to the Agent/Landlord immediately.

    GAS SAFETY CHECKS: If there is gas at the property, it is a legal requirement that an annual safety check is carried out and a copy of the report given to the Tenant. If you are not in possession of this at the start of the tenancy, please advise us immediately. If, during the course of an annual safety check/servicing you are advised of any remedial works which need to be carried out, YOU SHOULD NOTIFY US OR THE LANDLORD IMMEDIATELY. If you are worried about a smell of gas at any time, do not hesitate to call out the GAS BOARD EMERGENCY SERVICE, telephone 0800 111 999, and report your action to us with the outcome as soon as possible.

    SMOKE ALARMS & CARBON MONOXIDE ALARMS: These will have been checked as in working order at the start of the Tenancy. Tenants should re-test them as soon as the tenancy starts, and then retest at regular intervals and replace batteries as necessary, for the sake of the tenants’ own safety. Any defects should be reported to the Landlord or Managing Agent.

    INSURANCE: Tenants are strongly advised to take out adequate insurance cover for their own possessions and any accidental damage to the landlord’s property. Additional cover to protect rent payments in the event of loss of employment or illness may also be available. Further details available on request.

    REPAIRS: Read any useful information notes which the landlord may have left to see if there are any particular contracts for the Central heating, washing machine or other appliances before calling someone out. (If the contractor finds nothing wrong, you may be charged for the call out). If the property is managed by Lets Find A Home, you should contact us first, unless there is an emergency out of office hours. For all repairs such as plumbing, electrical and building problems, if we are MANAGING AGENTS, contact us first so that we can send a workman, unless the landlord has left you instructions to the contrary. If we are NOT managing the property, you will be informed at the start of the tenancy, and you should contact the landlord directly or his appointed representative. Obviously, in the case of a plumbing or similar EMERGENCY, and you cannot contact us or the landlord, you are obliged to ensure that appropriate action is taken as quickly as possible to prevent damage to the property (or render the property uninhabitable). ANY DAMAGE TO THE PROPERTY OR ITS CONTENTS (caused either accidentally by yourself, your family, visitors or other third party) MUST BE REPORTED IMMEDIATELY.

    During the tenancy, periodic visits may be undertaken by us or the Landlord. If everything is in order, no further visits are made until the next due date, but we do reserve the right to increase the number of visits to ensure the property is being maintained in accordance with the requirements of your Tenancy Agreement. Our office will contact you in advance of the visit to give you plenty of notice. It is not necessary for you to be in attendance unless you specifically wish to be there. If we do not manage the property, the landlord has the right to undertake regular visits but should make a proper appointment with you first.

    UNLESS THERE IS AN EMERGENCY or urgent need to gain access, we will not enter the property without advising you first. Any 'breaches' of the clauses in the tenancy agreement will be brought to your attention following our visit with suggestions as to any action felt necessary SHARERS: It is important for sharers to understand that all parties to the tenancy agreement are JOINTLY AND SEVERALLY LIABLE for all rent and any liabilities arising from the Tenancy Agreement until they are paid in full. This liability extends to any Guarantors. In the case of sharers, it is recommended that a single spokesperson be appointed, to prevent misunderstandings and a monthly bank transfer set up for payment of the rent through ONE bank account.

    EARLY TERMINATION OR CHANGING TENANTS: Strictly speaking, the legal tenants cannot escape their liabilities during the full period of the tenancy. In the event of sharing tenants wishing to change one or some of the occupants, (provided the Landlord is in agreement), it may be possible to accept a replacement, if the new tenant is able to comply with current referencing criteria.

  3. End of The Tenancy

    The property will have to be inspected after you have vacated. As soon as the tenant and landlord have agreed any ‘dilapidations’ claim against the deposit, the refund can be made. The property should be returned in a no worse condition as when the tenancy commenced (allowing for length of tenancy and fair wear and tear). The deposit is refunded to the first named on the Tenancy Agreement. The deposit refund is dealt with in accordance with the terms of the Tenancy Agreement (Please refer to the clauses in your Tenancy Agreement which deal with the Deposit).

    SERVICES - Arrange for all meters to be read and termination accounts forwarded to you at your new address. Do NOT have any services disconnected unless you are requested to do so.

    RENT - Do remember to cancel any STANDING ORDER or instructions to your bank for the rent after the final payment has been made. Deposit may not be used as a rental payment, as this would be in breach of the Tenancy Agreement.